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Animated sequence of Seat Co. chairs changing from chiavari chair for elegant events, to banquet chair for hospitality, to a restaurant chair.

Our Chairs, Bar Stools, Cushions, Tables and More...

We Are Direct Manufacturers

Seat Co. achievements: 7-year warranty on products, over 4 million chairs sold, with more than 30 years of experience.

Icon representing durability and resistance, key features of our chairs.

Icon symbolizing eco-friendliness, highlighting our use of 100% recyclable materials.

Icon for investment, indicating the highest return on investment in the market.

Icon illustrating ease of setup, emphasizing our chairs' lightweight and low labor setup.

Icon representing safety and longevity, with a seven-year warranty as a testament to our product's durability.

Icon showing no assembly required, showcasing our chairs that ship as one piece without the need for adjustments.

  • Gold Aurah Event Chair in a Wedding Ceremony.
  • Affordable Twisted Chiavari Chair Aurah in a Wedding Gala.
  • Gold Versailles Chair in Wedding Venue.
  • Mocha Aluminum Cross Back Chair in a Beach Wedding.
  • Ayari Metal Chair in an Elegant Restaurant.
  • Luna Metal Chair in a Restaurant.
  • Venus Metal Chair in a Coffee Shop.
  • Bentwood Black Chair for Restaurants in a French Cafe.
  • Blue Crown Banquet Chair in a Banquet Hall.
  • Pink Square Banquet Chair in a Museum.
  • Red Arch Banquet Chair in a Banquet Hall.
  • Grey Oval Banquet Chair in an Elegant Event.

About Seat Co

This is Seat Co. With more than 30 years, we are proud to lead the change towards the future through sustainable and high-quality products, innovating in the current market characterized by consumerism. The best option for any event, banquet or restaurant.

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