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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Seat Co.’s Chiavari chair better than the competition?

All Chiavari Chairs are similar in design. The Chiavari name describes the style of chair, also known as “Tiffany Chair”; however, the most important differences are the materials used to manufacture the chair and of course the manufacturer. At Seat Co. we only manufacture high-quality steel and aluminum chairs. The primary reasons our customers prefer our products over the competition is the durability and quality of our Chiavari chairs.

Our Chiavari Chairs have the following attributes:

· 100% Welded Chairs

· Eco-Friendly

· 7 Year Warranty

· Lightweight

· High Scratch Resistance

· No Maintenance Required

· Indoor and Outdoor Use

· Premium UV Treated Paint

· North American Product

· Shipped in one Piece and Ready to Use

These attributes help your business save money, this means that you will receive a great return on your investment (ROI) in a short period of time. With Seat Co.’s steel and aluminum Chiavari chairs you won’t have to invest in maintenance, and those savings can be used to grow your business.

Which Chiavari chairs are better, Wood, Resin, Steel or Aluminum?

Wood chairs have the lowest price in the industry, but their quality is compromised, they are usually manufactured with softwood; therefore, the quality and durability of the Wood Chiavari chair are not a great long term investment.

Resin Chiavari chairs were the first chairs that were manufactured in order to replace Wood Chiavari chairs, but they do not look as good and are quite uncomfortable. Another major disadvantage to Resin Chiavari chairs is that the plastic tends to fade and dim with time and exposure to the sun. Most Resin Chiavari chairs come with joints made out of materials like wood or metal which tend to loosen up over a period of time. Another disadvantage is the weight of the chair, Resin chairs have been increasingly heavier due to the addition of reinforcements, which have been added to try and improve durability.

Seat Co.’s Steel and Aluminum Chiavari chairs are made with high quality materials that shine through in the lightness and durability of our chairs.

Where are you located?

Seat Co.’s sales office is in San Antonio, Texas. We primarily ship from our warehouse located in Laredo, Texas. As our business grows, our plan is to open multiple warehouse across the country to provide faster and less expensive delivery costs.

What is the turnaround time for my order?

Seat Co.’s manufacturing plant requires 3 to 4 weeks to complete your order. Once the order has been manufactured, depending on your location it can take between 1 to 2 weeks for the order to be ready for delivery. The overall turnaround time is 5 to 6 weeks.

What are my payment options?

· Bank Wire Transfer 

· Bank Deposit (cash or check)

· Credit Card Payment (via PayPal)

· Mailed check

· Please ask your sales rep for details

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Orders shipping to Texas are automatically charged sales tax, but if your organization is tax exempt, or if you are a resale customer please let us know in order to waive the sales tax.

Can Seat Co. send me a sample?

In order to assist you in making the right decision before placing your order, we will provide you up to 2 free chair samples. We will cover the cost of the chair and cushion, but we do ask that you cover the $60.00 shipping cost.

How will my order ship?

We use a variety of methods for prompt shipping. Orders in small size like sample orders ship via UPS. Larger orders ship via common carrier, or freight on pallets.

Does Seat Co. ships Internationally?

Seat Co. primarily ship to all 50 U.S. states, but is also able to ship internationally as well.

How can I preserve my Chiavari chairs?

Acquiring inventory for your business is an important investment and you should always look for high-quality products that will last. Protecting your investment is the smartest move to make in order for your inventory to last as long as possible.

·Protect your chairs with chair covers. This will protect the chairs from dust in the warehouse and greatly reduce damage and wear during shipping.

·Do not stack more chairs than the recommended (7 Chiavari chairs). This will prevent chairs from falling and getting damaged.

·We also provide paint touch-up kits so you can always keep your chairs looking like new.

Where are Seat Co.’s Chiavair chairs made?

All of Seat Co.’s products are manufactured in North America, with American raw materials and are stored in our warehouse located in Laredo, TX.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping charges may vary depending on the delivery address. We work with several freight companies in order to always ensure our customers the best price.

Do Seat Co.’s chairs have a warranty?

Due to the fact that we use only the highest quality materials on the market, all of our chairs are extraordinarily long-lasting. We are proud to offer a 7-year warranty on all of our chairs, cushions and paint finish, with the exception of our Economical Chiavair chair and cushion. The Economical Chiavair chair and cushion comes with a 2-year warranty.

Will my purchase look exactly as it appears on Seat Co.’s website?

To assist you in making the best decision for your business, Seat Co offers a free chair sample. We recommend that you take advantage of this offer, this will give you the opportunity see and test the product prior to placing your order.

Does Seat Co. only sells Chiavari chairs?

We are definitely the Chiavari chair experts, but we also manufacture a wide variety of event chairs, tables, barstools, bar tables and multiple accessories that

will assist in fulfilling your event needs. Some of the styles of chairs that we manufacture are; cross-back chairs, diamond back chairs, Versailles chair and we also offer different versions of the Chiavari chair, both with a fixed cushion and with a removable cushion. Our pride and joy is our Premium Chiavari chair, which is a bigger and more comfortable version of the Chiavair chair. We highly recommend the Premium Chiavari chair.

What if my order arrives damaged?

We work with well-known freight companies; it is our commitment to guarantee our merchandise will receive the best treatment during transport. It is rare, but in case you receive damaged merchandise a claim will be submitted to the freight and the merchandise will be replaced and/or repaired at Seat Co.´s discretion.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inspect ALL shipments received by Seat Co. for freight damage. Claims will only be accepted within the first 48 hours after delivery. Inspect the packaging of your pallets or boxes to find any possible damage. Failure to perform an inspection will result in loss of protection.

If I could buy Chiavari chairs much cheaper directly from China, why should I buy from Seat Co. instead?

The difference between Seat Co.´s Chiavari chairs and those manufactured in China factories is that our chairs are built to higher reliability and quality standards which took years of development and much investment and cooperation. It all comes down to “You get what you pay for”.

With good value raw materials and a production that is based on good value processes, you will get a good chair, but it will cost a little more.

Here are the advantages of buying from Seat Co.

· At Seat Co. we want satisfied customers

· At Seat Co. we are only satisfied with selling good value products that offer real value to our customers.

This is why at Seat Co. we do not cut corners when it comes to raw materials and manufacturing techniques, and this is why every chair that leaves Seat Co.´s manufacturing plant is examined by the staff to make sure that the quality levels that we advertise are being met.

With Seat Co. being an American company, we can be held accountable to our warranty; from experience we can assure you that it would be a long and possibly expensive process to try and hold a Chinese company to their warranty and in most cases the outcome is negative for the buyer.

With constant changes to the United States importing and exporting laws, you will experience unexpected delays and expenses when buying directly from Chinese companies. The US government continues to implement Chinese Imports tariffs.

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