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Who Should Sit Where at the Rehearsal Dinner?

June 3,2019

Who Should Sit Where at the Rehearsal Dinner?

If you´re planning to have a fairly traditional wedding, it is most likely that a rehearsal dinner precedes it the night before. Like the preparations made before the reception of your wedding, a table of seats for the rehearsal dinner is at the border. But before starting to create one, you must answer the question of who is invited to a rehearsal dinner. This rule of who to invite has changed dramatically over the decades and the last few years, however the rehearsal dinner would usually consist of immediate family members and the wedding party.

So is rehearsal dinner seating chart really necessary?

Depending on how formal or informal the rehearsal dinner venue is, you may want to consider creating a seating table for the rehearsal dinner, just as you did (or will) do for your wedding reception. It is recommended to assign guests to sit at specific tables, although it is not recommended to assign people to specific seats unless it is a very small group. This provides some necessary structure and a sense of order to avoid any chaos during the night.

Who should sit where? Of course, the almost – newlyweds should get the best seats in the house, ideally with a viewpoint that covers most, if not the entire room so that they can see their guests.

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