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Wedding Venue Owners

September 13,2022

Wedding Venue Owners is a community focused on providing solutions to the business problems that arise within the wedding industry and wedding planning. Specifically, event venues.

These problems range from the simplest ones such as what colors to use, what flowers to decorate with, to some major ones such as where to hold the event, what furniture to use, among others. Wedding Venue Owners is in charge of all this and more, always focusing on the approval and satisfaction of the clients during the planning process of their events. They have a series of partners that are chosen to guarantee the best furniture, decoration, venue and all the details that make up the organization of a wedding.

Within the services they offer, they have a select group of businesses specially chosen for their outstanding contribution to the industry, which range from small businesses to others that have gained recognition thanks to their participation within the community. They are advised on all aspects of a wedding, such as venue, decoration, arrangements, banquet... with which they aim to create a strategy for a successful and memorable event.

At Seat Co we are very happy to be part of this great community, having the opportunity to offer our products to a large number of members within Wedding Venue Owners, with the purpose of satisfying the needs of our customers and generate satisfaction with our products.

WVO has gained a lot of strength in recent months thanks to the active members of its community. It currently has more than 5,000 members in its Facebook group, where they provide all kinds of information and recommendations about weddings and events. Don't miss the opportunity to find out at all times what are the trends of the season and what solutions you can implement in your event hall.

Apply to join their community, and receive a 2% discount on your first purchase with Seat Co. as a member of Wedding Venue Owners.

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