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The Current Dilema: Should I Wait Or Invest Now?

March 30,2022

During the past year (2021); multiple situations appeared that affected practically all businesses worldwide. From multinational companies like Apple to small businesses like “corner stores”.

However, economic problems are a headache and an impediment to the whole of society. Today we find ourselves with 2 major problems:

1. The economy is currently at a low point ...

This is a problem that will unfortunately continue longer than expected. According to various economists, the forecast for 2022 is negative, since they consider that throughout the year the economy will remain with high prices, and inflation will increase.

2. Delivery times continue to be excessively long ...

With regard to raw materials, the difficulty of obtaining them and their increase in cost means that the terms end up being delayed in an obligatory way. With regard to transport, high demand means that the capacity of trucks is reduced and rates increase, in addition to the fact that the warehouses are being exceeded as well as the different ports. Added to this, secondary events such as worsening traffic, highly variable weather conditions, vehicle breakdowns or customs, can further encourage the process.

Despite this, we have good news!

Despite the pandemic we are currently living with, the most recent forecasts for 2022 indicate that the events industry will be much more in demand. Adapting to new forms, such as security protocols, will be key to achieving access to this new normal. Life goes on, and along with it the celebrations too!


For these reasons, opportunity cost in our industry is more important than ever. And… What is the opportunity cost? You ask... The opportunity cost represents the potential benefits that an individual, investor or company loses by choosing one alternative over another. Because opportunity costs are undetectable, they can be very easily overlooked.

Understanding the opportunities lost when one company or individual makes a decision over another allows for better decision making. So in order to have the lowest possible cost of involvement, all the available options must be studied in order to choose the most appropriate one. Everyday life is full of opportunity costs, or in other words, decisions that we must make.

So when should I buy my chairs?

It is normal that many clients doubt at the moment in which we are now. However, let us ask ourselves how many events we will stop working because we do not have the necessary product, how many chairs or tables will we have to rent because we do not have the necessary ones... That is, how much money will be lost by making the wrong decision...

At Seat Co. we offer products with the highest warranty on the market: 7 years. Thanks to our special and unique manufacturing processes, we can affirm that we have the best (ROI) Return on Investment in the entire industry. Click here for read more information about the ROI of our chairs.


With this, we can guarantee that making your purchases this year (2022) is the correct way and what will represent a lower opportunity cost.


Returning to the initial point, the calendar of events for 2022 is expected to be exciting. Normality is getting closer and closer and the pending celebrations are endless.


At Seat Co we consider ourselves to be experts in furniture and we are ready to help the customer with everything they need.

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