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Summer Wedding Colors

May 10,2019

“Summer Wedding Colors”

If you are planning to get hitched between May and September.

Maybe this may interest you…

We´re sharing our favorite summer wedding colors by the season´s sun-filled days, laid-back vibes, and warm temperatures. Vibrant colors are some of the most popular hues for summer weddings, so we have included some bright and bold palettes that we will show you below.

Plum, lavender & peach

This dark purple shade is traditionally seen as a fall wedding color, but it´s actually a great option for summer wedding too, this color can be combined with our white Chiavari Chairs where they will highlight the colors of lavender.

Pink, yellow & orange

Citrus-inspired colors like pink, yellow, and orange make quite a statement on a big day. These bright hues are whimsical and upbeat, so they´re an excellent choice if you´re going for a party-all-night vibe, we love how they look with our Golden Chiavari Chairs.

Blush & Sage

If blush and blue is too mainstream for your taste, try blush and sage green instead. For this color we suggest the mahogany Chiavari Chair which is perfect to contrast these colors.

Neutral Colors

Summertime is a fabulous opportunity to try a neutral color palette, with ethereal shades like our ivory Chiavari Chairs, Champagne Chiavari Chairs, with these colors your wedding aesthetic will feel refreshing and chic (perfect for those hot summer days). Break up the neutrals by adding muted colors using details like seasonal fruits, such as figs and Barlett pears.

Muted & Moody

Not all summer wedding colors have to be bright and bold. Darker tones, like mulberry and emerald green, bring a moody twist to a traditional summer color palette of ivory, blush, and peach, we think that our mahogany color chair would be perfect for these occasions.

So…which one is your favorite? Any color will look beautiful and will make unique your floral arrangements for your wedding and each of the details of the decoration. Do not hesitate to use them also in your accessories or as an ornament for your easy collected hairstyle. Make your celebration a magical and colorful moment for your guests.

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