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How to clean your event venue step by step

July 22,2019

The event rooms are places where many people congregate and as in any place with movement, many waste and stains are generated every night. The cleanliness of your event rooms is very necessary to obtain a healthy environment every time you open it. We will provide you with the most relevant points so that your party room is ready every night.

Essential Cleaning Tasks

A cleaning day of your event room starts by ventilating the facilities. Open a window or the door to the street will serve to illuminate the environment after a night of celebration. If this is not achieved, it is recommended that you initiate the cleaning with ozone, which will return fresh air to the facilities and provide a feeling of deep cleaning by eliminating all bad odors.

We continue with the floor or dance floor. This is a place that you have to clean thoroughly. People dance to the sound of music rocking their glasses or sodas back and forth, always spilling something. At the end of the night, it is normal to have to strain to lift your foot off the ground. On the dance floor, a sweep must be done to eliminate any type of waste or solid residue that may exist. It is advisable to use a broom or brush with hard bristles, such as those used by sweepers, since with the spilled alcohol everything is quite stuck.

Among the tasks we find the cleaning of textiles. If you have carpets, curtains, sofas or chairs, cleaning these items can be done once a month. If the room has a lot of influx it can be done with less frequency, this is evaluated according to the use made of the facilities.

Inside the cleaning of the rooms, the maintenance of the pipes is of special importance. Occasionally, monthly or every two months, a product should be used to clean and disinfect waste that can produce a bad odor. In addition, this task also avoids blockages in the pipes that could cause more serious problems.

The cleaning of the rooms also includes tasks such as polishing or waxing floors, in case the surface lends itself to it. These procedures serve to improve soil strength and to maintain optimal conditions for longer.

We hope these tips have served you; we will be publishing our next article soon.

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