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Carbon footprint

August 15,2019

“Carbon Footprint”

The carbon footprint is the measure of the impact of all greenhouse gases produced by our activities (individual, collective, eventual and products) on the environment. It refers to the amount in tons or kilos of carbon dioxide equivalent of greenhouse gases, produced on a daily basis, generated from the burning of fossil fuels for energy production, heating and transportation among other processes.

In order to define the footprint in all its dimensions, it is necessary to consider the processes that are carried out for each product or service and from there take a responsible decision; consumers could be considered as one of the main causes of the carbon footprint generated by a certain good or service

This is why the Analysis of the Life Cycle of a product is an objective process that allows to evaluate the environmental loads associated with a product, process or activity, identifying and quantifying both the use of matter and energy and the emissions to the environment, to determine the impact of that use of resources and those emissions, and to evaluate and implement environmental improvement strategies.

This analysis must include the complete cycle, either of the product, process or activity carried out, taking into account all its stages:

  • • All the activities necessary for the extraction of these materials and the contributions of energy from the environment, including transport prior to production, must be taken into account. This is why Seat Co. is proud to only manufacture Chiavari Chairs using 100% steel and 100% aluminum made in North America. Our mission is to help save the forests by forcing the industry to cut down less trees for the production of event furniture.
  • The production process must involve the activities necessary to convert the raw materials and also the energy used, into the desired product. Seat Co.´s manufacturing plant is a one stop shop for the entire production process, this makes Seat Co.´s Chiavari Chair production process faster and more efficient compared to our Chiavari Chair competitors.
  • Transportation starts from inside the plant if the product goes through various processes, then the distribution considers fuel costs to transfer the final product to the customer. Seat Co. purchases its steel and aluminum from providers located in North America which are then transported to our manufacturing plant which is also located in North America, and finally to our wonderful North American customers. Overall the transportation process used by Seat Co. is considerably less than most of our Chiavari chair competitors.
  • The use, reuse and maintenance refer to the use of the finished product throughout its useful life, or the fulfillment of the function for which it was developed. Seat Co. uses materials for our Chiavair Chairs that are 100% recyclable, our customers can re-use, re-purpose or even resell our Chiavari Chairs.
  • Recycling begins once the product has served its initial function and consequently is recycled through the same product system (closed recycling cycle) or enters a new product system (open recycling cycle). Seat Co.´s customers are able to recycle our Chiavari chairs and can feel proud in doing so since they are also helping save our environment.
  • The final disposal must take into account the management of waste, starting once the product has fulfilled its function and is returned to the environment as a waste, it must be managed to be useful again. Seat Co.´s Chiavari chairs are 100% reusable, recycling centers are able to re-purpose the steel and aluminum and convert it into other products.

This is why we must buy consciously since each product or service generates large amounts of carbon dioxide that are equivalent to the greenhouse effect that affect our ozone layer day by day, if we perform an analysis of the process that each product carries or service, product durability, quality, strength, material and we buy responsibly, we would help reduce this problem that is experienced today.

In Seat Co, we care about the environment, so all our chairs are made with 100% recycled materials such as aluminum and steel that makes our chairs incomparable, thanks to their quality, durability and resistance, the life cycle of our Chiavari chairs can last a lifetime, this makes that at the time that you acquire a chair, table or cushion from us, you would be making an intelligent and responsible investment since you would buy within your same Country, where the carbon footprint would decrease For the transportation of your product, our chairs would last more than 7 years, which is why you would not have to make another purchase in the short term.

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