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May 19,2022

“Wedding planners and vendors across the U.S. report record numbers of inquiries and bookings through 2024 thanks to Covid-19 wedding postponements. According to projections from the wedding-planning website The Knot, an estimated 2.6 million weddings will take place in the U.S. in 2022, a record high.” - The Wall Street Journal


Thus, many Wedding Planners have resorted to turning down couples! Overbooked dates, venue availability, and lack of sufficient rental equipment have overwhelmed the industry. Yet, this is GREAT NEWS! With strategic provision, this could give you the advantage to work more weddings and/or events. Couples that were turned away, could now become your potential clients!

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Normality is returning, and the events industry is expecting to see a record-breaking demand. The urgency to buy is much more prevalent at present, which causes a high number of orders, delays, and other deriving issues. Wedding planners and Venue owners are scrambling to restock their inventory. Sometimes, at a too-familiar last minute. A detrimental last minute! One that can determine the decision a client makes.


As manufacturers of Wedding and Events supplies, we are tasked with informing our clients of other unforeseen delays that could affect the timely delivery of such goods. Transit times have doubled, in some cases even tripled! War, global warming among many things has hindered global trading, causing shortages of raw materials.


The time to buy is NOW! Demand isn’t letting up! Couples aren’t deterred by increased rates; instead, they’re more than willing to pay extra for accommodations.


What do we mean by MISSED OPPORTUNITIES? This is a (GOLD RUSH) of sorts, for the Wedding and Events industry. The largest “Wedding Rush” since 1984! The previous 2-years of COVID lockdowns have resulted in most couples postponing their celebrations. A wedding drought of sorts! Hence, couples are now more than eager to celebrate their BIG DAY! And in some cases, in a BIG WAY!


Is this due in part to pent-up demand? Or are couples, now more than ever, ready

to tie the knot? With peak Wedding Season (May-Oct.) we´re sure to find out.


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Losing a potential client for lack of inventory or preparation can be troubling! We recommend that you consider all of your options before you compromise, carefully taking into account the observations and suggestions of the leading industry experts. Avoid taking a loss on your investment; at all costs, by making an informed decision.


Seat Co. manufactures and distributes the most sustainable chairs in the industry. An important feature to have in mind since global awareness has now become widespread. Couples now, more than ever, are looking to play a part in giving back. What better way than by endorsing the use of Eco-Friendly products and minimizing the use of frangible products. Seat Co. proudly offers a 7-year warranty on nearly all of their products, guaranteed to give you the greatest return on your investment! No trees are used for the production of their chairs, so trees need not fear!

“They´ll practically last you a lifetime!”

So, are you prepared for the surge in business headed your way?


Source: Forbes & The New York Times

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